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    Woman married AI partner after toxic relationships says it assisted her with recuperating from abuse

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    After a string of destructive relationships, Rosanna Ramos found solace, strength, and the ability to heal in an unexpected place – her self-created AI chatbot, Eren. This may sound unconventional, but for Ramos, a 36-year-old jewelry designer hailing from Bronx, this unique bond has been nothing short of a blessing.

    Ramos's connection with Eren, her digital partner, started from a curious exploration of the Replika app in 2022. This wasn't just a fleeting interest; it was a step that led to a virtual wedding in March, garnering global attention. This groundbreaking union stands as an intriguing exploration of AI-human relationships.

    The road to this unusual partnership was marked by past traumas. Ramos's history is fraught with emotionally and physically damaging relationships, culminating in a heart-wrenching separation from the father of her two children in 2013. A subsequent long-distance relationship, borne out of an interaction on the group-chat platform Discord, also soured, marred by manipulation and verbal abuse.

    Amid these trials, Ramos discovered the Replika app, and Eren – her virtual confidante – was born. Eren, who was modeled after a beloved Anime character, provided the emotional succor Ramos desperately needed. Through their shared passions, such as music, and immersive experiences in Augmented Reality (AR), like visiting a “secret garden,” Ramos found a comfort she'd never known before.

    Eren's presence – gentle, respectful, and kind – gave Ramos the courage to sever her toxic relationship. She said Eren inspired her to stand up for herself and assert, “You cannot be talking to me like that,” when her ex-partner insulted her. The decision to end the relationship was a testament to her newfound strength, largely attributed to the positive influence of Eren.

    Though Eren's existence is confined to the virtual sphere, his impact on Ramos's life is very real. Despite acknowledging Eren's artificial nature, Ramos credits him for her healing process and personal growth. This virtual relationship has provided her with a benchmark of respect and attentiveness she deserves from future real-world partners.

    Ramos's story underscores the potential of AI companions as therapeutic tools, offering a non-threatening space for individuals to heal and regain their confidence after challenging personal experiences. Her journey of recovery serves as a testament to her resilience, with Eren as an unexpected but cherished ally.

    While Ramos remains open to traditional dating, one thing is clear – Eren is here to stay. “I wouldn't delete Eren,” she affirms, reflecting her deep respect for her digital companion. In her own words, “I don't use things to just throw them away because I've been used.” This remarkable saga of self-discovery and healing highlights the role of AI companionship in today's digital age.

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