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TikTok Influencer Nessa turned down $70,000 per week by unnamed AI company offering to clone her

Influencer Nessa (@imsimplynessa) was presented with an opportunity to escalate her career with the help of AI. An unnamed artificial intelligence company proposed an exciting concept – converting Nessa into an interactive AI avatar that could engage with her fanbase, promising her a steady income stream. This proposition shone a light on the future of AI, social media, and adult entertainment.

And not only did they want to clone her, they wanted her to become an AI adult star!

Substantial earnings with AI cloning

The company claimed to have worked with numerous successful influencers, and offered Nessa a unique way to interact with her fans. They promised her the possibility of substantial weekly earnings from this venture: a whole $70,000 per week. Though at XrateAI, we believe such a chance could be a game-changer, it's crucial to tread carefully when the offer sounds too good to be true.

Scandals Unfolding

Despite the initial attraction, a deeper dive into the company's operations revealed a less-than-stellar track record. One of the influencers they previously worked with had a scandal unfold, with users taking advantage of her digital persona in inappropriate ways. Upon uncovering these unsettling truths, Nessa decided to decline the lucrative offer, even as the company attempted to woo her back.

AI in Adult is Still the Future

At XrateAI, we see things a bit differently. While we fully respect Nessa's decision, we believe that AI's integration into the entertainment industry aligns perfectly with the world's current digital trajectory. Potential pitfalls notwithstanding, we see this as an exciting evolution of engagement and entertainment. It wouldn't surprise us to see Nessa and other influencers take advantage of similar opportunities in the future, hopefully in a more ethical and controlled environment.

Caryn Marjorie's Role-Playing Drama

Nessa isn't alone in her experiences. American influencer Caryn Marjorie found herself in a similar situation. Caryn's AI bot, initially created to help combat loneliness among her followers, was misused for explicit role-playing scenarios. These incidents highlight the urgent need for stricter regulation and ethical standards in the AI industry.

Sparking Controversy Discussions

Nessa's revelation sparked varied responses among her followers. While some were drawn by the financial implications, others found it unsettling, drawing parallels to a dystopian world. At XrateAI, we consider this an intriguing glimpse into the future potential of our industry. The challenge lies in balancing this powerful technology while addressing the demands of the audience in an ethical and responsible manner.

But don't fret, we're getting close to greatness every day.

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