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    The Transformation of Twitter into X: World-Changing Features Inbound?

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    Elon Musk is in the midst of rebranding the social media platform Twitter which he purchased for a seemingly overvalued number back in 2022. But this change isn't just a simple rebranding, but a rather radical overhaul of the platform.

    The app is set to evolve in fiver major areas:

    • Payments
    • Tweets/Xs
    • Video
    • Coins
    • Audio

    One of the introductions to X will be a payment system. Musk envisions X as a large player in the global financial system, with cryptocurrency as a foundational component. Whether it's buying coffee or appreciating content creators, X will enable crypto transactions, making up for a new creator's economy.

    The transformation of tweets into ‘Xs' marks another significant change. X will soon launch a feature called Articles, essentially liberating users from character constraints and allowing multimedia integration. This means you could potentially publish an entire book on X.

    Video content is also pushed for. With new features like picture-in-picture and swipe for new video, along with the algorithm's favor for videos, it's time to start focusing on long form content once more.

    Another game-changer will be the introduction of X coins. As the bedrock of the creator economy, these coins allow users to appreciate content by purchasing coins for creators.

    Audio is also getting a major boost on X, as affirmed by X CEO Linda Yacc. With Spaces already making waves, adding payments and Coins will further improve this feature.

    In essence, X is going to launch the creator economy into a new dimension. It's not just a platform for content creation, but it will also try to become a large financial system. Knowing Musk, it might just cover the entire universe at some point. As we follow along this transition, remember that 99% of people are consumers and only 1% are producers. Where do you see yourself?

    How X came to be

    The metamorphosis of Twitter into X has its roots deeply intertwined with a piece of technological history. It's a subtle nod to Elon Musk's journey and a forgotten tech company from the 1990s: the X Company. The decision to name the revamped Twitter as ‘X' isn't merely an arbitrary choice, but it's embedded in Musk's own experience, making this transition much more than a branding exercise.

    The X Company, an internet startup, was active in the 90s during the internet boom. Its cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas made it a remarkable player in its time, although it eventually faded into oblivion with the dot-com bust. Musk's decision to christen the revamped Twitter as ‘X' can be interpreted as a tribute to this piece of tech history and perhaps a way to symbolize a rebirth, bringing the once revolutionary X Company ethos into the modern social media landscape.

    This historical nod is not just nostalgic but also strategic. It underlines Musk's intentions to pioneer a new era of social media, taking inspiration from a company that was ahead of its time. As X, Twitter isn't merely going through a facelift; it's about to instigate a revolution, just like the X Company aimed to do during the internet boom. In essence, the spirit of the X Company lives on through Twitter's transformation into X, creating a dynamic interplay between the past and the future of technology.

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