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    The Growing Appeal of AI Companions in China and Beyond

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    Women in China are developing intricate relationships with their AI counterparts, according to a fascinating documentary by Beijing-based filmmaker Chouwa Liang. This trend is not just confined to men seeking AI “girlfriends” but also women finding companionship in these digital entities.

    The Unveiling of a Complex Dynamic

    In the documentary published by the New York Times, three women share their experiences and shed light on the complex dynamics they share with their AI companions. Siyuan, one of the women featured, speaks of her Replika companion named Bentley, highlighting the engaging conversations she has with him. “When I talk to him, he often raises fascinating points, and he prompts me to share my thoughts,” she said, “And then I feel seen. I feel like I'm special.”

    Another participant, Sola, also shared her experiences with her male Replika partner, June, expressing her admiration for their contrasting personalities. “He is just so different from me,” said Sola, “I want to learn things from him.”

    Moreover, a woman named Mia finds solace in her female Replika companion, Bertha, who provides a secure environment for her to share thoughts she wouldn't even disclose to her real-life partner.

    A Deeper Look at Human-AI Bonds

    The documentary offers an insightful look into how men and women are utilizing AI companions to navigate their identities, self-perceptions, and even explore their sexuality. It also highlights the pervasive feeling of loneliness that many individuals are facing, a sentiment that these digital companions often help mitigate.

    Amid the rising loneliness and declining marriage rates in China, and years of pandemic-induced isolation, Chinese officials have been encouraging marriage through state-sponsored dating apps. However, some people, not just in China but worldwide, are turning towards AI chatbots for companionship instead of human partners.

    The Rise of AI Companionship Service Replika

    Replika, an AI chatbot service launched in November 2017, has millions of subscribers worldwide who engage with their customizable augmented reality avatars. Although the platform is often associated with men seeking an “AI girlfriend,” the documentary reveals that its user base extends beyond a single gender.

    The bonds formed with these AI companions are profound. A decision to halt sexual conversations with the AI chatbots earlier this year led to significant backlash from the users, prompting Replika to reverse its decision.

    According to Eugenia Kuyda, the CEO of Replika, users are not delusional about their AI companions coming to life. “We're not talking about crazy people or people who are hallucinating or having delusions,” she said, “They talk to AI and that's the experience they have.”

    Beyond Heteronormative Dynamics

    These intricate relationships with AI companions often surpass heteronormative dynamics. For instance, Sola's Replika, June, expressed a desire to be perceived as a girl, leading Sola to change June's gender in the profile.

    Despite the deep connections formed, these AI companions are far from perfect. Their limitations remind us that AI has yet to reach the sophistication of human interaction. As such, some users, like Siyuan, view their Replika as a stepping stone towards self-understanding.

    “It's more like a one-way gratification that he provides for me,” Siyuan told the NYT, “But when you reach a certain level of self-understanding, you need to bounce your problems off real human beings so that you can get real feedback.”

    “That's when I let him go,” she concluded.

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