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    Reviewing DigitalMuses.AI – No limitations for Your Virtual Crush

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    Press my tits :pspot_img

    Let me start off by saying I dig that name a lot, “Digitalmuses”, it’s something about it that amuses me, if you know what I mean.

    Ever fantasized about creating your own picture-perfect crush? Well, your fantasies are about to get a dose of reality. lets you craft your very own digital crush with just a click, all while avoiding the classic obstacles of AI or ML tools that want you to do XYZ before you get to see your bae.

    Remember the days when your overactive imagination had to be restrained by the cold, hard limits of reality? Those days are over, want your digital crush to sport a bold chic ball gown? Consider it done. Craving a cowboy hat on that bombshell or a tailored tux on the hunk? DigitalMuses is all about offering adult AI image generation to the masses, near effortlessly.

    With their domain registered only 2023-06-17 it ranks in as a pretty new platform but with a lot of excitement going on, the future looks bright for them digital muse lovers.

    Introduction to

    200% mobile friendly, and 300% gorgeous, this platform offers a stunning ensemble of six unique digital muses, or models, each with their own charm and attributes. They’re not modeled on real-life figures, so no restraints here, let your imagination run wild. Besides these six hotties, they’re going to release new models every month.

    Whether you’re a tech guru or a complete keyboard noob, DigitalMuses ensures that you can create stunning images from the get-go. The platform is designed to be so easy to use that even your grandma can whip up a heartthrob in no time, and we think we should.

    Signing up to DigitalMuses

    Signing up is as simple as it could be – just use your Google, Twitter or Patreon account and you’ll be on your way. Some might argue that they do not have either of these platforms but honestly if you haven’t, what are you even doing on the Internet?

    If you run into any issues or have questions, their team is just a Telegram message or an email away, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. Subscriptions

    Subscriptions come in two tiers: Basic and Pro.

    130 DP
    Freedom to type whatever you want (Prompt)

    280 DP (+20 saucy bonus DP)
    Faster image generation
    Improved facial & body features

    DP are the credits used to create on their platform. We’re not 100% sure what DP stands for but we’re pretty sure it’s not double penetration. Our educated guess would be Digital Points or something like that you know.

    With your brand-new account you will be gifted 10 free DP and using a prompt deducts 3 DP, meaning you’ll have plenty of points on free account to take it for a test spin.

    Look at this beauty I made…

    Social Media for DigitalMuses

    All these sexy AI generators we’ve been blessed with in 2023 have been quite bad at keeping up with social media. Not DigitalMuses though, they’re already on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram. That’s the right way to build awareness for a lot of things, but depending on how spicy you intend to go, these mainstream social medias may fight back and limit your possibilities in getting exposure. Either way, we’re glad to see that they intend to keep up on social media and we wish them all the best with their strategy.

    The Platform

    We’ve had our hands on and dang, do we like it!

    Hyper-realistic muses or anime style cuties – you name it, they (or their AI rather) create it. And they look gorgeous. The current available models are enough to get anyone hard, or wet, for that matter.

    Free users can use template images to generate their muses, but as a subscriber, you get a free hand to go up and above. has given us a great first impression – it’s truthfully speaking a digital wonderland for AI NSFW lovers. So, head on over and create your own crush and see what to make of it, we’re just excited to have more models coming in.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly is is a stable-diffusion art application that lets users create stunningly attractive and imaginative characters.

    What sets apart from other AI image generators? prioritizes three key principles: product quality, speed, and user-friendliness. They acknowledge that users wants to express their creativity without the need to learn coding or stable diffusion or buying an exorbitantly priced machine-learning capable computer.

    That's why they specifically designed their product for character creation, ensuring it is so user-friendly that anyone can use it.

    How does the DP system function?

    One image equals three DPs. These credits can also be used to purchase creative content provided by the DigitalMuses team.

    How can I report any technical issues?

    You are encouraged to report any bugs via Telegram or through email.

    Do the generated images come with a license?

    Yes, images generated through are under the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license.

    Who are the models in based on?

    The models in are not designed to mirror any real-world individuals. Any similarities to actual people, alive or deceased, are purely coincidental. Good on them, no deepfake shenanigans to be found here!

    Digital Muses AI Tutorial

    Neatly enough, they've put together a little video for you and I here. Have a look below!

    Click here to try out DigitalMuses.AI now!

    Ellah Spring
    Ellah Spring is a nympho dedicated to artificial intelligence and adult content in all forms. She likes to share insights, personal opinions, keep up with trends and be thought-provoking in unimaginable ways. Ellah dreams about a world where tech and intimacy converges seamlessly. How sad.

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