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    Recommended Reads on the Subject of AI Girlfriends & Relationships July 2023

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    One might argue that AI Girlfriends in their current form are too much of a risky experiment that can drive unstable humans into making bad decisions with severe consequences. Shit will happen, that’s for sure, but in which well operating sector has there ever been greatness without failure?

    So calm your tits, and if you happen to run in to an AI that complies with weird stuff or tries to encourage you into doing something you know deep inside is wrong, just disconnect your ethernet cable or walk away. And well, some weirdos just can't be stopped and will find one way or another to live out their stupid self.

    I mean I get it, a lot of people are crazy, always have been. And there will inevitably be incidents within AI, it makes a lot of sense that there would be. I mean come on, AI was something we only heard about in movies a few years back. But you have to look past this and see the greater picture.

    How many have had to make sacrifices in order for you and I to be free?

    AI, that’s where it’s at, and since Chat GPT let out the fattest snowball effect of the 21st century, there’s no going back now. So cheers to that, or not, that's every mans own decision.

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    This AI girlfriend made $72,000 in its first week of existence. Caryn AI might not be able to keep that up, but for now it’s looking dandy.

    An AI companion named Eliza made a Belgian father commit sucide over his climate anxiety

    A headcase thinks he should go after Queen Elizabeth because his AI girlfriend encouraged him

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