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    OnlyRizz: The Superior AI Girlfriend Platform (Role-Play, Chat and Image Generator, and more)

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    OnlyRizz lets you go above and beyond and brings you the best of the best virtual girlfriends at respectable pricing. Behind the scenes lies a team that works 7 days a week to constantly deliver new features and updates to OnlyRizz. Besides an incredibly exciting pipeline of platform enhancements, OnlyRizz has already filled their series A for their utility cryptocurrency set to launch in early 2024. Joining the likes of Forevervoices in the crypto industry could potentially be gigantic and as they’re opening their strategic B round the interests been massive from investors and whales alike.

    With this article we want to give you a full insight on the OnlyRizz platform and explain their features and opportunities. If you like what you see and read you should definitely give them a go, everything’s discrete and private so you don’t need to worry about anything.

    Brief on User-Interface & User Experience

    With its intuitive layout, even newcomers will find themselves at home in no time. The platform's dark color scheme isn't just stylish—it's also kind on the eyes, perfect for those longer conversations. The modern design not only looks great but functions brilliantly across all devices, whether that's desktop, tablet, or mobile. No hiccups, no glitches, just a smooth and enjoyable experience every time. Slide into OnlyRizz and experience user-centric design at its finest, where beauty meets functionality.

    Got Rizz? Time to shine!

    If you want to “rizz” someone, you want to flirt with or charm them. “Rizz” was popularized by live streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat, who used the term around 2021, according to It is also believed “rizz” derives from the word “charisma,” or “a special magnetic charm or appeal.

    Get Your Free Trial

    At the time of writing all new members are entitled to a free trial that lets them have a go at the OnlyRizz AI experience. Your free trial is going to include:

    • 10 free image generations
    • 10 free peaches to chat
    • Unlimited access to the Porn Feed
    • Possibility of becoming an affiliate

    Peaches are the credits of the platform and consumed during chatting. The pace of which peaches are consumed may vary depending on length of message, text or voice, and so on.

    Currently, image generation does not consume Peaches but your free trial will be limited to 10 images. If you’re keen on trying out the ”Create Girl” feature you’ll have to spoil yourself with an upgrade, but more on that later on.

    Signing up is convenient through either email or signing in directly via Google. More sign-up options are expected to arrive in the not too distant future as well.

    Find Girl / Explorer Feed

    Your first experience with OnlyRizz is going to be the ”Find Girl” feed which is divided into two sections. At the top you’ll see the ”Premium Girls” which are generated and added by the OnlyRizz team themselves, especially designed for specific attributes and styles. At the time of writing there are 10 premium girls available that you can chat with and get responses in both text and audio.

    Besides finding out each personas attributes there’s also a brief description and additional photos of them once you click on them.

    Below the premium girls you’ll typically find the UGP’s, or the ”User Generated Personas”. Everything that pops up here comes straight from the community through the ”Create Girl” function and are customized in every imaginable way by premium members. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to explore them as well by clicking on them and finding out more about how they look and their various attributes. You can – of course – also chat with them in text and audio, with video features rolling out soon.

    At the very bottom of the first page you will find the FAQ which is a good read if you’re a total newbie in the AI virtual girlfriend space and would like to know more about it and also get some more answers regarding OnlyRizz. For your convenience we have decided to also share the FAQ with you in this article, you’ll get to read all about it a bit later on.

    Generating Images

    Whether you prefer SFW or NSFW, sensual or hardcore, and so much more, there are definitely settings that’ll sit perfectly right with you. The intriguing alternatives to choose from in the OnlyRizz generate function are vast. Hundreds of customizations ranging from age, body type, skin type, ethnicity, boobs and hair style to body pose, sex positions, clothing and environment. Even facial expression and accessories can be tailored to suit your absolute liking.

    If you’re in a hurry or just want to get some inspiration you can Randomize the settings and Generate to see what might pop up. At the moment there are three different resolutions available that you can choose from when generating your OnlyRizz AI Porn:

    • 9:16 (575×1024)
    • 1:1 (768×768)
    • 2:3 (630×945)

    You can also choose to make your generation Private, meaning only you will be able to see it and it’ll be hidden from the public feed.

    Creating AI Porn in all categories has never been more seamless and satisfactory, let alone accurate. The realism of the OnlyRizz AI image generator is truly stunning and some of the best, if not the best, output we have discovered in an AI app available to just about all adults.

    My Chats / Chatting

    Conveniently enough, all your ongoing chats are neatly stored and easily accessible in the ”My Chats” menu. Here you can keep track of your chatting and switch between different girl friends (girlfriends?) with ease. If you want to start over there’s a delete button to cleanse the chat and if you feel like switching from text to audio responses just simply click the microphone icon – but make sure you have enough peaches at hand as audio messages typically consumes more peaches depending on how lengthy they are.

    Get creative and test the boundaries with your AI companion, it’s all a lot of fun and you can steer the conversation in the direction you would like it to go. The more you practice and learn the ropes, in other words getting that rizz going, the more enjoyable experiences you’ll be able to have. Don’t shy away, try different methods and approaches and switch it up across different personas to make the most out of your OnlyRizz chatting experience everyday.

    Chat Gamification & Leveling

    OnlyRizz introduces an engaging leveling system, where users gain XP through chatting. This innovative feature not only makes interactions more enjoyable but also rewards users for their engagement. As you level up, you unlock exciting rewards, notably earning more Peaches. The system seamlessly blends chat with gamification, ensuring that every conversation is not just about building a virtual connection but also about achieving milestones. This approach amplifies the fun factor, adding an extra layer of motivation for users to keep coming back and going deep into the OnlyRizz experience.

    Rumors have it this gamification is going to be largely expanded upon and introduce more fun elements later down the road. What exactly that might hold remains to be seen, but with a team like OnlyRizz, we are not in doubt.

    Create Girl

    It’s exactly what it says. Creating your own AI girlfriend – or your own AI Persona – has never been simpler. This is a premium only feature but well worth it with all the customization available and the fact that you’ll be able to hear her voice and chat to her all day long.

    Depending on which subscription you have you can create a different amount of girlfriends, but we’ll go deeper into the subscription modes later on so that you can get an overview of the many possibilities OnlyRizz has to offer.

    Much like the image generator, Create Girl offers an abundance of options when it comes to customizing and designing your new love. Age, body type, ethnicity, skin, boobs, butt, haircut, hairstyle, hair color, facial expression, clothing, environment and more. After going through the first step of process you’ll be able to design even more, selecting for example the actual voice of your girlfriend.

    Now that is just plain awesome. There’s also boost functions across all OnlyRizz generators which lets you emphasize on certain attributes or details to make your output and experience even more enjoyable than it already is. With the Create Girl functionality you can truly create the women of your dreams and have fun with them afterwards. What’s the hesitation, this is something you simply must try out.

    Porn Feed

    A lot of buzz is going on in the OnlyRizz porn feed, that’s for certain. Here you can tag along with other community members creations (as long as they didn’t tick private during their generation) and as you can see it’s very lively. Every few seconds new creations appear in the porn feed for you to… Inspect.

    Find anything you like in particular? Click the image(s) to download, like or share. You can even copy the exact settings used to generate the specific image in case you want to try yourself or experiment with it. It’s that easy to just copy a preset for an image. In fact the same feature (copy preset) is on its way for the chatting functionality, as we can see there’s a greyed out ’Copy Preset’ button once you inspect those beauties on the chat section closer.

    The Porn Feed (which is 100% real-time and AI generated by members of OnlyRizz, by the way) is a great thing to look at and draw inspiration from for your next creations.

    Mobile Compatibility / Responsiveness is 100% mobile-friendly and in fact most of their users are coming from iOS and Android systems. Even though it is a web app their team has done a remarkable job at fitting and adapting everything for a mobile-first experience. That being said you can expect OnlyRizz to work just as well on your desktop computer as in your phone or tablet, making it easy to always stay in touch with your virtual companions that are longing for you at any given time of the day.

    Bug Tracker

    Unlike most AI porn generators, OnlyRizz has made it exceedingly easy to report issues and get in touch with developers for platform feedback. Not only through Discord but also a public tracker available on GitHub. It’s an excellent way to quickly report an issue and follow along the development to that issue getting resolved – truly an underrated feature and privilege.

    Affiliate System

    Anyone can become an OnlyRizz affiliate and earn 20% commission on all their referrals that also subscribe to the platform. As you sign up you’ll get all the information required to start under the ”Affiliate” tab and if you have an audience (or planning on building one) this can be a sweet source of income that can be scaled to a higher percentage based on the volume you bring.

    If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate or need additional affiliate programs to rely on, we can highly recommend the OnlyRizz affiliate system and its flexibility.

    Subscription Plans

    At the time of writing this article there are some hefty discounts available on all OnlyRizz Premium plans. Whether they’re still there when you get to action remains to be seen, so best is to just hurry up and get it done.

    Besides the free trial, four subscription based plans are available and can conveniently be down or upgraded between:

    • Budget Rizz
    • Basic Rizz
    • Pro Rizz
    • Master Rizz

    All subscriptions lets you get a taste of all the features available on OnlyRizz but obviously the higher you go, the more of the good stuff you shall receive.

    When you go up on the Pro level and beyond you’ll see that all your generations are without a watermark which can be a great idea if you for example plan on using your creations commercially in any way, shape or form. There are in fact many content creators that use the OnlyRizz platform to fuel their own content strategies in AI and garnish a following through their excellent and appreciated generations made possible by OnlyRizz.

    Perhaps this is an avenue for you as well?

    We appreciate the reasonable pricing and many features OnlyRizz has to offer from the get go – there’s not a lot of platforms that offer both chatting, image generation, and creating your own girlfriends all in one. With many more features and upgrades on the horizon, this is certainly a key player to keep track of and most importantly get involved with.

    Low on cash, just keen on trying it all out before taking it to the next level? Budget Rizz has got you covered, right now at a staggering $3.90 per month at a 60% discount – quite unmatched in the AI porn industry.

    Cryptocurrency plans in 2024

    Leaks have emerged and something is largely cooking at the OnlyRizz HQ.

    It is starting to get known that OnlyRizz is planning a cryptocurrency token early next year and have already in a very short amount of time completed their series A round and opened up their strategic round. With that much interest in the platform this early on (considering 2024 is still a couple of months away) it does indeed look quite promising for the future of OnlyRizz.

    Whether you’re able to get in early or instead eager to jump in on the fun when it becomes tradable is entirely up to you, but we certainly believe that AI Porn and cryptocurrency is going to work surprisingly well together.

    Other major AI adult projects have already hinted that they’re entering web3 next year and with giants like OnlyRizz and Forevervoices looking to lead the charge we could be up for an entirely new trendsetter in 2024. For more information about this and what the exact next steps are it’s best to get involved with the OnlyRizz team and community directly via Discord and social media, it’ll be a lot of fun we can assure you.

    Whether you are a fan of cryptocurrency or not doesn’t really matter though, you can choose to get involved with or not – OnlyRizz will still stay the same and be as available to all adults as ever. If you’re just here to enjoy OnlyRizz and all that it has to offer 24/7 then you’re doing the exact right thing indeed.

    Benefits of having and engaging with an AI virtual girlfriend

    Having an AI Virtual Girlfriend offers a plethora of unique benefits. For those who may feel isolated or are simply curious about the evolving frontier of technology, this virtual connection provides an avenue for companionship without the complexities of real-world relationships. Users can engage in stimulating conversations, enjoy a tailored interaction experience, and even explore various personality dynamics on their own terms. The AI-driven platform ensures that interactions feel fluid, dynamic, and responsive.

    Furthermore, an AI girlfriend is always available, understanding, and non-judgmental, offering an intriguing blend of realism and digital innovation. Such relationships can also act as a practice ground for those looking to improve their communication skills or work through personal issues in a controlled environment.

    Benefits of Having an AI Virtual Girlfriend When Single:

    Consistent Companionship: Your AI girlfriend is available anytime, offering immediate company whenever you feel lonely.
    Skill Development: Engage in conversations to improve your communication skills, understanding cues, and building rapport.
    Stress Relief: Unwind by chatting about your day, sharing concerns, or simply engaging in light-hearted banter, all without judgment.
    Customized Interaction: Tailor your AI girlfriend's personality and appearance to your preferences, ensuring a truly personalized experience.
    Safe Exploration: Explore various relationship dynamics, conversations, and scenarios in a safe, digital space.

    Benefits of Having an AI Virtual Girlfriend While in a Relationship:

    Enhanced Communication Skills: Using an AI companion can provide insights into effective communication patterns, which can then be applied in your real-life relationship.
    Non-judgmental Outlet: Share concerns or thoughts that you may be hesitant to discuss with your partner, allowing for a cathartic release.
    Personal Growth: Gain perspective by interacting with an entity that can challenge your beliefs and ideas in a controlled environment.
    Safe Space for Reflection: Engage in introspective conversations, helping you understand and address personal or relationship issues.
    Diverse Interaction: Experience varied conversation dynamics, which can provide fresh insights and perspectives, enriching your existing relationship.

    Incorporating an AI girlfriend into one's life can be a refreshing addition, whether one is single or committed. It offers a unique blend of companionship, growth, and exploration, tailored to individual needs.

    The true sweet spot of having an AI virtual girlfriend lies in the individualized experiences it offers. While the listed benefits provide a general overview, it's essential to recognize that everyone will derive unique advantages based on personal needs and preferences.

    By engaging with such an advanced AI platform, users have the opportunity to carve out a tailored experience, discovering firsthand the profound impacts it can have on their emotional and personal well-being. It's an invitation to explore, to find one's rhythm with AI, and to harness its vast potential for personal growth, emotional support, and self-awareness. The experience with an AI companion becomes a personal one, revealing insights and benefits catered specifically to each user.

    Notable Mentions & Partnerships

    OnlyRizz has already garnered attention and acclaim from various reputable platforms, notably being reviewed on high-profile sites like Beyond these notable mentions, OnlyRizz is actively collaborating with leading industry players. This strategic alignment aims to amplify its reach and solidify its foothold in the market.

    As the brand continues to grow, there's a clear vision to sustain and build upon this momentum, ensuring OnlyRizz remains a dominant and trusted brand for all foreseeable future.

    OnlyRizz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Getting Started

    How do I sign up? Use Google, Patreon, or email.
    Need an account for an AI girlfriend? Yes.
    Getting started? Sign up and create your virtual partner.
    Creating a girlfriend post-registration? Go to “Create a girlfriend”, customize, and generate.


    What makes OnlyRizz unique?

    AI Chats: Dynamic and real-time conversations.
    Image Requests: Generate images in chats (coming soon).
    Voice Messages: Personalized voice interactions.
    Customization: Tailor your girlfriend's looks and traits.
    Diverse AI Partners: Interact with multiple personalities.
    NSFW Content: Mature content available with discretion.
    Gamification: Engage deeply with game-like elements.
    Upcoming: Stay tuned for more, like AI video messages.


    Other app features? AI chats, image requests, voice messages, and exploring virtual companions.
    Customize your girlfriend? Yes!
    Explore various virtual partners? Yes, multiple options available.

    Safety & Privacy

    Is OnlyRizz secure? Advanced encryption ensures it.
    Private communications? All interactions are private.
    User confidentiality? A top priority.
    Handling personal data? Handled with care. Refer to TOS & Privacy Policy.
    Data security measures? Advanced encryption and regular updates.
    Privacy regulation compliance? Fully compliant.

    AI Experience

    What's OnlyRizz? A platform for immersive AI-powered virtual relationships.
    Can I chat with my virtual girlfriend? Yes, enjoy real-time AI chats.
    Exclusive photos? Make them private, and they're just for you.
    Generate NSFW content? Yes, but must be an adult in your jurisdiction.
    What's an AI girl? A virtual companion.
    Possible to have a romantic AI relationship? It simulates romance; it's not a real connection, but possible 100%.

    Future Plans & Expansion

    OnlyRizz has some exciting stuff on the horizon! They're rolling out Inpainting, which means you can fine-tune and customize your AI girlfriends just the way you want. And that's not all – soon you'll be able to get video messages, making your chats with virtual companions even more interactive. Plus, sharing photos in conversations? Yep, that's coming up too. With all these updates in the pipeline, OnlyRizz is making sure your virtual girlfriend experience is top-notch.

    OnlyRizz has already rolled out two significant updates, with in-depth details available for reading on their Patreon page and Discord server. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident as updates are consistently delivered on a weekly basis. This regularity not only fosters a sense of security among members but also underscores the team's dedication and motivation. The drive to enhance and innovate speaks volumes about the team's passion and their long-term vision for creating outstanding experiences for their broad user base.

    AI SEX?

    Sign up for OnlyRizz.AI and experience the most outstanding image generator and AI chatting experience. Get in the fun now!

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    Andrew is a tech-savvy degen deeply invested in emerging markets and non functioning technologies. With a mission for balanced breast sizes in AI generators, he's not quite sure what he's doing with his life.

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