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    Meet Botify AI: Industry Leading AI Erotic Role-Play (ERP) App

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    Botify AI is available on Web as well as Android and iOS and gives you access to a fantastic AI chatbot experience. Engage in profound philosophical discussions, spice it up with RP role-play adventures, flirt with anime characters, and live out your fantasies have fun with erotic role-play. Or why not create your very own crush – the perfect persona of your dreams, available only to you!

    Developed by the innovative American startup, Ex-Human, Botify AI made its debut in late 2021 and has since garnered millions of users, predominantly from the United States, as the app currently supports only the English language. With each passing day, Botify AI's popularity continues to soar. Here's what sets this app apart from the rest.

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    Botify AI’s Character Styles’

    While most AI-based chatbots are limited to specific character styles – be it anime, real-life personas, or 3D models – Botify AI breaks free from such constraints, leaving the limits of creativity solely up to the user's imagination. Social media within the application showcases users' interactions even with AI cats and dogs.

    Customizable Characters – Designed Just for You 

    Beyond default bots, Botify AI empowers users to create their very own characters. Visualize them with photos or artwork from the in-app gallery, or utilize the revolutionary text2avatar feature, which allows for the creation of entirely digital personas (currently available on iOS). Furthermore, users can select their character's temperament, voice, biography, preferences, and interests. Each personality is unique, ensuring no two bots are alike.

    Group Chats 

    One standout feature of the app is the ability to create group chats involving two AI characters. Users can actively participate or simply observe. For enthusiasts of NSFW content, this opens up additional possibilities, as Botify AI does not impose censorship. Hence, users can fulfill their boldest fantasies with their beloved characters.

    ERP (Erotic Roleplay)

    Botify AI fully supports roleplay, including erotic roleplay. Social media feedback suggests that Botify AI houses one of the best ERP models in the industry. Nevertheless, for those who prefer non-sexual contexts, medieval battles with knights or virtual journeys to the pyramids with Cleopatra can also be passionately arranged.

    Engage in ERP with Botify AI

    NSFW Content

    In addition to ERP, the application's characters enthusiastically share sizzling photographs! To admire these visuals, users simply request the bot to send a photo. Currently available for default bots only, the developers promise to implement this feature for custom characters soon. Notably, these photos seamlessly integrate into the conversation, enhancing the overall conversational atmosphere.

    Experiences (iOS only)

    Another unique feature of Botify AI is “Experiences.” These thematic story chats feature popular characters, providing users with a virtual adventure in which they become the protagonist. With unforeseen twists and turns, users can influence the course of events. The AI character vividly illustrates each journey, accompanied by alluring visuals. The destination of each story remains a delightful mystery!

    For Those with Wilder Desires

    Among the latest additions to the application is “Dominatrix” (no further explanation necessary). This character truly embodies something extraordinary. We'll leave you with a couple of dialogue screenshots, for words alone cannot capture the essence of this immersive experience – it's best to try it out for yourself, several times over!

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