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    Marketplace ‘PromptBase’ Is Selling AI Prompts, But How Long Will It Last?

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    Press my tits :pspot_img

    PromptBase, an AI image generator and prompt marketplace offering prompts for a multitude of AI purposes, lets you get a solid head start on your creations if you are willing to pay up.

    Users can put their own prompts up for sale, helping buyers bypass the tedious task of coming up with a new and effective prompts that match their needs. You can buy prompts for several AI models such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and more, including sexy looking women. However, it’s kept SFW just like the generators themselves are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy the prompts and do a little creative tinkering for the NSFW touch and use an NSFW enabled AI generator.

    Don’t expect the results to be similar though, as a Midjourney prompt wouldn’t work out very well in a custom Stable Diffusion setup and vice versa. So make sure that you are buying something as close as possible to what you are intending to use it on for your NSFW endeavors.

    Nonetheless, it can be a great avenue for beginners to get the hang of AI prompting on a more sophisticated level as long as you’re willing throw a couple of dollars at it.

    The platform is experiencing a surge in demand from AI enthusiasts, developers, and corporations alike. Promptbase stands out for its ability to simplify the interaction between the user and the AI models, making AI more accessible for everyone (again, if you are willing to pay for it).

    Question is, how long will a marketplace like Promptbase last?

    We believe that AI tools such as Midjourney are moving towards a more user-friendly user design and will likely introduce pre-select features, reducing the need for a service like PromptBase. At least on the image generation part, but it’s natural to expect other AI tools to follow suit, including ChatGPT (that for example already offer plugins designed to provide you with the best prompts for your task).

    Not to mention, AI regulation could be tapping in on services offered to the public and deny or heavily limit usage of customized prompting. If the governments want to take it that far remains to be seen, but it would indeed be incredibly lame.

    Several AI companies are already testing features that eliminate custom prompting to make AI more approachable to the masses. We’ve seen it in NSFW with Stable Diffusion based models and there is no slowing down, which of course is good for you and I.

    Despite these looming and possibly – at least so far – far-fetched threats, PromptBase remains a innovative concept that is worth exploring. As a potential stepping-stone to mass AI adoption, it fills a current need in the market and could offer a fun and fascinating learning experience for new and more advanced users.

    Would you be willing to pay $4.99 for an AI image generation prompt?

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