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    Is chatting through AI on dating platforms just another form of deception?

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    A listener of the popular ‘So You Think You’re an Adult' show with Moncrieff recently unveiled an interesting twist on the journey. In search of a meaningful connection, she resorted to artificial intelligence, leading us to ponder the question: Is chatting through AI on dating platforms a form of deception?

    Overwhelmed by the usual dating app routine, the anonymous listener sought the aid of an AI extension. This savvy tool, unlike her, had the ability to carry out initial conversations with much more finesse. It was an AI-empowered chat that first sparked a connection between her and her now-boyfriend. The technology was not only capable of breaking the ice but also managed to “learn” and emulate her personality in conversations more in-depth than she could have imagined.

    Days later, she took over the reins of the conversation. This was when her boyfriend admitted that their initial dialogues had convinced him that she was ‘the one'. But, was he conversing with her, or was he smitten by the AI's rendition of her? This left her with a predicament: Should she confess that their first few interactions were managed by a bot and not by her?

    Notable author Barbara Scully weighed in on this situation, expressing understanding towards the listener's use of AI for those initial conversations. She argued that if all the information passed through the AI was genuine, there was no pressing need for a confession. “It's akin to using a Dictaphone for typing,” she said, pointing out that the chatbot hadn't given out false information but merely facilitated interactions.

    Likewise, broadcaster and drag queen Declan Buckley viewed AI as just another tool that aids our actions. He made an intriguing comparison between using AI and applying makeup for a date, labeling both as technologies that enhance our real-world interactions. If the AI had been fabricating lies, he conceded, there would be a moral predicament. But, given that it was a faithful portrayal of the listener, he found no fault.

    With AI tools growing ever more sophisticated, this may just be the beginning of a fascinating new chapter in the book of love.

    Jasmin Marquez
    Jasmin Marquez is an erotica and romance writer with a flair for experimental narratives and a love for AI's beauty. She likes to blend AI and intimacy in her engaging tales, but is also all about the "real deal".

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