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Digital Twin Alert: ElevenLabs Launches Professional Voice Cloning for All

Get ready for a symphony of digital voices, courtesy of ElevenLabs' Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) model! What was once an exclusive perk of their enterprise clientele, has now been democratically unleashed to the wider public. Fancy having a pixel-perfect digital copy of your voice that's virtually indistinguishable from your real one? Well, the future is now and it's ready to speak all languages, thanks to Eleven Multilingual v1!

If you can recall the memory reel back to March, ElevenLabs had sparked excitement by allowing users to upload their voice data, with a promise to roll out voice clones on a first-come, first-serve basis in July. And, voila, the day has finally arrived!

Anyone enrolled in ElevenLabs' Creator plan or above can now enjoy PVC absolutely free. It's time for your voice to take a world tour, as it can now speak fluently in all languages supported by Eleven Multilingual v1.

Let’s Decode Professional Voice Cloning

All set to venture into the realm of PVC? Here's the road map: Head over to ElevenLabs' VoiceLab, hunt for the “add a new voice” button, and select Professional Voice Cloning. Unlike its Instant cloning sibling, PVC prefers to take things slow, nurturing a dedicated model based on a wealth of voice samples – 30 minutes being the starting point, and 3 hours the sweet spot.

When preparing your samples for the training, remember – your voice is the solo star here. Any background noise or off-tune effects could turn this symphony into a cacophony. Ensure consistency in your recording conditions and speaking style to get the best results.

The magic of PVC doesn't stop at cloning. Integrated with all of ElevenLab's models, including Eleven Multilingual v1, PVC can create a perfect digital copy of your voice that can effortlessly converse in all the languages supported by Eleven Multilingual v1. Talk about being a global sensation!

Safety Checks

ElevenLabs ensures that while your voice may get a digital life, it doesn't lose its privacy. They've devised a verification step post voice data upload that requires users to read a text captcha prompt aloud within 10 seconds. The system checks for a match between the user’s voice profile from the recording and the uploaded voice data. If it’s a match, the voice data is sent for fine-tuning.

The Multiverse of Applications

The uses of Professional Voice Cloning extend beyond mere convenience, impacting a range of personal and commercial projects:

  1. Content Creation: Creators can deliver their message even when they can't record in person, keeping the content schedule uninterrupted.
  2. Audiobooks: Clone your voice and narrate an entire audiobook in your style, regardless of the book's length or your available recording time.
  3. Digital Presentations: Lend your voice to your presentations, making yourself a part of the narrative, even when you're not physically present.
  4. IVR Systems: Businesses can add a personal touch to their customer interactions by using their staff’s voices in automated responses.
  5. Podcasts: Maintain your show's schedule even when you're unable to record.

So, are you ready to meet your new digital alter ego?

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