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    Chat with a flirting & sexting AI called Slutbot

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    Intimate AI chatbot connections is getting more common by the day. As society becomes more open to discussions surrounding intimacy and sexuality, a unique innovation emerges as a viable tool to guide and educate individuals on navigating these conversations with respect and responsibility. Juicebox, a sophisticated iOS application, has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, fittingly christened as Slutbot.

    Rather than plunging straight into explicit discourse, Slutbot initiates conversation with users by establishing a friendly rapport. Its conversational style, though somewhat mechanically inclined, interweaves subtle cues of flirtatious talk. This is punctuated with thought-provoking questions and reflective comments on personal boundaries and consent, as detailed in The New York Times. While the notion of engaging intimately with a chatbot may seem unconventional, the objective behind Slutbot is to provide a risk-free platform where individuals can learn the nuances of such discussions without the fear of causing offence or discomfort to others.

    Algorithms often mirror the biases, whether deliberate or subconscious, of those who construct them or supply their training data. This poses a challenge when designing AI to facilitate conversations about sex and intimacy – areas rife with potential bias and misunderstanding.

    However, the creators of the risqué AI chatbot, in their conversation with The New York Times, expressed their meticulous efforts to take into account the identities, preferences, and personal needs of the users. Their objective was to create an inclusive, understanding platform that caters to diverse users.

    Brianna Rader, the founder of Juicebox, while discussing their approach, highlighted the diverse composition of their team. “Our team consists of queer individuals, collaborating with seasoned sex educators and erotic fiction authors. We are an ideal group to address and contemplate these complex concerns,” Rader told The New York Times. This inclusive perspective ensures the chatbot is well-equipped to handle various scenarios and maintain a level of understanding and respect for all users.

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