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    Are modern day women too messed up and that’s why young men turn to AI relationships?

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    From self-driving cars and biomedical advancements to 0’s and 1’s talking dirty smut on your screen. Isn’t it wonderful how AI has transformed our degenerate livelihoods to become… even more degenerate?

    AI as romantic and emotional companions are seeing no signs of slowing down and it’s a segment that we all love and enjoy. AI girlfriends have become wildly more popular than AI boyfriends. Young men and men constitute over 70% of the user base, so what does this say about the modern relationships and gender expectations?

     The questions we really have to ask ourselves here are:

    • Are women developing unrealistic expectations that are difficult for men to meet?
    • Or are men evolving into less competent partners, prompting the shift towards lifeless AI?

    Unrealistic Expectations or Disillusioned Men?

    Modern society has seen a considerable shift in gender roles and expectations, with evolving perspectives on femininity and masculinity. As women become more independent, career-oriented, and assertive, some may argue that the traditional dynamics in relationships have been disrupted, leading to more demanding expectations on men. These expectations can include financial stability, emotional availability, shared domestic responsibilities, and more, making it increasingly difficult for some men to meet the perceived criteria. Because men are typically bad at all of these.

    On the other hand, the phenomenon of AI girlfriends may also reflect a changing landscape for men in relationships. The masculinity concept has been heavily challenged in recent years, with men being encouraged to express emotions more openly and take on responsibilities traditionally seen as “feminine”.

    But not all men might feel comfortable or capable of adapting to these new norms. Therefore, AI companions, who demand little in terms of emotional depth or domestic duties, could be more appealing.

    Loneliness and Discontent is Running Rampart

    Loneliness is another factor in a hyper-connected world where people are paradoxically feeling and being more isolated. The convenience and availability of AI girlfriends provide solace for those feeling lonely. Still being in early development, the sex and porn market overall has done pretty well on accommodating loneliness in terms of sex dolls and toys – wait a minute, have the porn industry done a better job than society as a whole at combating loneliness? Perhaps that’s why society neglects and sees down upon porn, huh?!

    AI companions are still in early development, but the outlook is promising. They’ll get better at offering intimacy without the complexities and vulnerabilities of human relationships; thus they will attract a large crowd seeking exactly this but have been unable to find it.

    The dissatisfaction with real-life relationships may also play a significant role. Some men might seek AI girlfriends as a reaction against what they perceive as negative experiences with real women (incel alert?). Whether these perceptions are fair or based on a limited number of experiences is hard to say, but most probably they aren't fair.

    The surge in interest towards AI girlfriends is indicative of deeper societal shifts and challenges, rather than a simple blame-game between genders. As the tech moves forward, so does the fucking.

    It’s not about viewing it as a competition between man and woman, but as a mirror reflecting our changing norms, expectations, and struggles right here in the center of the matrix.

    You could argue that expectations from women have derailed, and you could arguably argue the same from guys (although they’ll settle with most). All in all we must consider the future of humanity, ultimately should the situation escalate we could be standing before the end of mankind as all guys are busy fucking 0’s and 1’s on a computer screen and women can’t stand their trapped smells of AI and keyboard grease.

    How could humanity possibly live on if that happens?

    As much as we love the whole AI companionship “industry”, we must also see it as a societal wake-up call to reassess our values, understanding, and build healthier relationships, whether with humans or AI.

    Disclaimer: This article is serious in its entirety.

    Andrew XRateAI
    Andrew is a tech-savvy degen deeply invested in emerging markets and non functioning technologies. With a mission for balanced breast sizes in AI generators, he's not quite sure what he's doing with his life.

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