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    A Fresh Approach to Social Media: Unpacking Bluesky’s Rise Amid Twitter’s Decline

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    The Advent of Custom Algorithms and User-Centric Social Networking

    With Twitter spiraling downwards, marked by a more than half drop in ad revenue since last year and an apparent drop in feed quality, users have started looking for alternatives. One such emerging platform is Bluesky, a near replica of Twitter, created on a decentralized protocol and supported by Twitter's co-founder, Jack Dorsey. As it stands, Bluesky maintains exclusivity by only allowing new users through invite codes from existing members. Importantly, Bluesky aims to succeed where Twitter seemingly failed, incorporating measures against toxicity from its inception.

    Paul Frazee, a product developer and protocol engineer at Bluesky, spoke with Gizmodo about the platform's approach during this unique phase of internet history. The conversation highlighted the early adoption of custom algorithms in Bluesky's developmental stage, a feature that is now seen as a core embodiment of its decentralized ethos. The team sought to go beyond creating a ‘new' social media experience; they aimed to make substantial changes that directly affect the users, decentralizing parts that matter to them the most.

    Instead of intuiting user preferences from their behavior, as most social media platforms do, Bluesky offers an open marketplace of choices. This empowers users with a direct hand in their feed, relieving them from the often frustrating experience of unintentionally ‘training' an algorithm. By introducing the choice factor and establishing an open marketplace, Bluesky is pushing the boundaries for innovative algorithm design and working towards a user experience that is less emotionally charged and more enjoyable.

    As for how Bluesky aims to tackle toxicity on its platform, Frazee acknowledges that it is an untested theory whether the use of custom algorithms would indeed result in a less toxic environment. Instead, the key might lie in the application of open moderation, where users can add filters on top of the algorithms at will, giving them a greater degree of control over their online experience.

    Despite Twitter's continuing downturn, Bluesky's approach does not solely rely on capitalizing on the current state of the industry. From the onset, the focus has been on creating a more pleasant social media experience, where users receive more of what they want and less of what they don't. The goal is to make social media a space of happiness, connection, and harmony.

    Exploring opportunities beyond custom algorithms and Twitter's user base, Bluesky is open to innovations that cater to a broader range of social use cases. Frazee believes that this platform could potentially encompass functionalities similar to other social media giants like Facebook or Instagram. The ultimate aim is to cater to everyone – from those who love the concept of Twitter to those who never quite found their fit there.

    Finally, in a light-hearted discussion about various trends, Frazee opined that AI chatbots are appropriately hyped, given their increasingly impressive capabilities. Cryptocurrencies, which he would have labeled as overhyped two years ago, are now considered appropriately hyped due to some inherent technical challenges they present. He chose to remain neutral on topics of drones and Portugal's popularity among digital nomads. Frazee emphasized that embracing failure should be more about learning from it and evolving rather than just accepting it as a goal.

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